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Capture your moment with Agnès b. Snap Cardigan
Photo Exhibition Tour 2013
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Story Behind

A Whole New Perspective of Snap Cardigan
Under the magic paint brush of Agnès, the snap cardigan has unveiled its evocative history in the fashion empire. Come and discover the snap cardigan from a whole new perspective. Embark on a sartorial journey and explore the exciting world of Agnès b. with us!


Photo Exhibition

Story Behind
  • Origins
    In the hot, sweltering summer of 1972, Agnès cut up a sweatshirt in two and added a few fasteners. The snap cardigan was born. Until 1979, the snap cardigan was officially launched in Agnès b. boutique in Paris and also continuously grows alongside the brand at a fast pace across the international boundary.
  • Philosophy
    In 1979, Agnès designed the snap cardigan to offer comfort, flexibility and individuality to its wearer. Inspired by both the Renaissance period and the Industrial era, Agnès wanted to create the perfect blend of style and comfort that transcended class, boundaries and stereotypes for all men, women and child.
  • Design & Style
    Classics, simplicity and timeless spells the nature of snap cardigans. Its basic style is versatile for mix & match and all occasions to create a myriad of your own co-ordinations. Match it with classic suit skirt or pants for work or just in tandem with a pair of jeans for a causal look. Influenced by the brand’s lifestyle attitude, Agnès. feels that the snap cardigan will look different on different types of people, which inspire her to organize an exhibition later. Nowadays, the snap cardigan has gained a remarkable response and has been widely dressed on people in their own ways and styles around the world.
  • Evolution & Development
    Developing snap cardigan with lots of snaps has been firmly ingrained in her mindset. In keeping its longevity heritage, Agnès b. effortless variation in design emphasizes on application of fabrics, colours and snap buttons. This evocative development of snap cardigan results in over 150 colours produced from the beginning and more than 40 variations in shapes or fabrics. Its Renaissance-like and unique character not only makes the snap cardigan into a serial brand hallmark, but also paves its way for being selected in the “Design from France” exhibition during “The Year of France in China” in year of 2004. Fabric cheesecloth, poplin, fleece, leather, etc. while snap button begins from pearl, snap to plastic types. Colour spectrum abounds from neutral, pastel, light to darkness and widely express on fabrics and even snap buttons. For example, black, brown, green, orange, fuchsia, beige, pink, baby blue, etc. The humorous novelty of button detailing comes to the rows of mixed fresh coloured snaps, which looks like a splash of sweet candies on a soft paste. To play a twist of design, stainless steel snap sometimes is embossed with signature “b.” logo.
Photo Exhibition
  • Snap Cardigan
    The Snap Cardigan exhibition is constantly being injected with new art pieces from artists all over the world. Together with the existing photo art pieces, we have invited new artists from Asia to share with us their take on our iconic, signature snap cardigan. These photos will be featured in an Asian tour; kick starting in Singapore and will travel to Taiwan, Hong Kong and concluding in China. The exhibition will head to the United States of America and the United Kingdom thereafter.


Want to capture your moment
with Agnes b. Snap Cardigan?
Do you have any inspiration or photos with your own Agnès b. snap cardigan? To get involved, Agnès b. fas are encouraged to shoot Instagrams with the hashtag #agnesbsnapcardigan and include @agnesb_asia in their caption with your own message to qualify their Instagram to appear in the public hashtag page. Selected good shots made by Agnès b. fans will be also appeared in "People In 4 Cities" gallery over for the contest.
How to win?
If a user's Instagram makes it into the gallery, and long as they live in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China, they'll qualify for a chance of getting a free gift. Top 3 winners with the largest number of "like" post in each week will be rewarded a free Agnès b. snap cardigan. The result will be announced in the official Facebook Fanpage, Instagram & Sina Weibo of Agnès b. Asia. Fans are encouraged to keep submitting as many shots as they can.
Snap Cardigan in 4 Cities



Hong Kong


The e-bulletin of Agnès b. Snap Cardigan in 4 cities could be available for
download here. The printed version will be also available for free copies in Agnès b. store.
Let's go and get one!
4 Sept - 14 Sept 2013

Paragon Shopping Centre

Atrium 1


26 Sept - 13 Oct 2013

Eslite Sinyi

First Floor Lobby


17 Oct - 21 Oct 2013
Hong Kong

IFC Mall

Oval Atrium

Hong Kong

1 Nov - 7 Nov 2013

Jiu Guang Department Store

Second Floor Middle Hall